Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Annotated Bibliography

This source came from wikipedia and  it's main focus is  on the  21st century and the  problems that is occurring in Haiti during this time , Like the earthquakes, major damages and how many countries responded to appeals for humanitarian aid. Dispatching rescues and medical teams and how they come to help Haiti after there natural disasters  .It also talks about the condition Haiti was in after there earthquakes. Am focusing on this because i would like to base my research paper on the cause and effects of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

I then found this very interesting source ! This came from the new York times , Haitian Cry in Letters  . It showed basally letter’s from people in Haitians refugee camps asking from help .In the last couple of weeks, thousands of displaced  have similarly vented their concerns, depositing impassioned pleas for help in new suggestion boxes at a hundred camps throughout the disaster zone. all kinds of people are dropping  letters seeking help into a collection box at the camp for displaced earthquake survivors where there are now living .

This is a journal entry of Haiti’s earthquake relief , there long term needs and there local resources. Dominique Bayard  explains that she saw Haitian’s people helping themselves . She did not see really  Other’s Aiding Haiti but the ones that are simply from Haiti . In this entry she say’s that it hurts her how little help Haiti does not receive the help they truly need . How they need to build emergency room’s but no one want’s to help . Am focusing on this entry because i would love to understand who helps Haiti or just any other place’s that are affected by natural disasters.

This is a article from the NEW YORK Times , in this article they talk about how $1 Billion is pledged to help Haiti rebuild  . International donors pledged $1.08 billion to help Haiti , supassing the $924 million requested by Haitian government.
This is a journal entry  from the NEW ENGLAND MEDICINE CENTER . in this article it talks about the many health problems  Haiti people face . how patterns of respiratory infections, diarrhea, infectious disease outbreaks, poor sanitation where occurring after earthquakes .  chronic diseases were also occurring .

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  1. Hi Nicole - This looks really promising - the journal article about the value of help from outsiders as opposed to from Hatians seems especially helpful to your analysis. I know there's been questions about the aid pledged being delivered, so it would be good to look for updates to your Times article.

    Remember that your wikipedia entry won't be one of your four final sources. So you need at least two more sources, one of which will be your course text.