Thursday, December 2, 2010

my layout !

In order to catch the class attention and introduce my classmates to my topic i think i would begin by  showing general pictures of  the earthquake that happened in Haiti and show pictures of basically what was left of Haiti after the earthquake occurred ! Pictures are always eye openers , and catch attention quickly .
The central argument i make in my essay is that the U.S does Aid Haiti with resources but when you really take a inside look at things it's more N.G.Os's and individual artists that are really of help in Haiti . people don't often give the main people credit they just give the U.S as a whole credit . i will present this argument by  showing articles and telling classmates the many people who have been of help to Haiti . get them familiar with diff rent names other then the U.S . A few key pieces of evidence that support my argument  has to be the many different groups that i would show pointing out who's who in my essay , i would present them by showing you paper work of sources .my visual element would be like i said before pictures of  the earthquake and what was the in packed it made on Haiti , artists helping rebuild Haiti etc . the way I would work this into my presentation would be by giving out handouts of those things . someways i think make for an effective oral presentation would have to be to be active , move around , speak loud , show picture , try to keep them aware of your presentation .