Sunday, November 7, 2010

the intro to my research paper .

Have you ever thought to yourself “ who helps the many people of the many different countries overcome there earthquakes , there natural disasters ? ”  Have you ever really took a good hard look at the  organizations claiming they assists  and that there help is going directly to those who are in greater needs ? Some of those organizations do speak the truth and they honestly help out those in need but in reality its all but so little help .  A country I mainly focus on has to be Haiti . There’s a country you dont really hear about everyday , they struggle with Hurricanes and tropical storms and earthquakes . there government is not a really powerful so when the natural disasters strikes they seek help from other’s .  This is where my argument comes into place , when a place like Haiti ask for help certain organizations just seat around and talk . No actions are being taken what so ever !


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  2. Hi Nicole - See if you can think about a less over-general way to begin your paper: the idea that "no action" is being taken is far too broad to be true - of course *something* is happenning - the question is what, by whom, and if it will be effective.

    BTW, please ignore the above link, which is abosutely *not* a legitimate service.