Thursday, October 14, 2010

starting my Annotated bibliography was a bit difficult simply because i don't really have a main focus .  I would like my main topic to be "The rebuilding of Haiti " but i think that's to broad . so for now i will keep thinking but in the meantime i got some really good sources for this topic .

this source came from wikipedia and  it's mean focus is on mainly on  21st century problems that is occurring in Haiti. Like the earthquakes major damages and how many countries responded to appeals for humanitarian aid and pledging finds and dispatching rescue and medical teams .It also talks about the condition in the aftermath's of everything .

i then found this very interesting source ! This came from the new york times , Haitians Cry in Letters  . It showed basally letter's from people in refugee camps asking from help .In the last couple of weeks, thousands of displaced Haitians have similarly vented their concerns, depositing impassioned pleas for help in new suggestion boxes at a hundred camps throughout the disaster zone. all kinds of people are dropping  letters seeking help into a collection box at the camp for displaced earthquake survivors where she lives.

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  1. Hi Nicole - As we discussed in class, that image of the suggsetion box at the refugee camp is really powerful. As you look for more sources, think not just about what has happenned in Haiti but what aid, aid organizations show us about U.S. power - Professor Johnson might be a good resource for some sources on that, and Prof. Lindskoog may also be able to help you with source about Haiti.