Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes.        
A    Small   place,   By   Jamaica   Kincaid and   “Slum   dog   tourism   “by   Kennedy   odede   discuss   the   ethics   of   tourism   and   relationship   to   power.    Tourism   can   tell   us   a   lot   about   power   in   today’s   world   ,  it could tell us how it makes our  economy grow because whenever a tourist goes on vacation and they choose to buy souvenirs the place they visited  profits off of that . It also could tell us how tourism and power profits  in the world today by showing people the different and  popular beliefs people around the world share . It could also show  what countries are most visited and  which countries have the most  attractions . The many famous cities that get alot of tourists. Mainly it could show us the  advantages we all share with other places  .  
The many things i think motivates tourists  has  to be just to break out of there routines back home . To get away from there 9 to 5 and to  go away to relax in a stress-free environment . It could also be for business purposes or just to do something different . In a film we watched in class directed  by Stephanie Black  Kincaid said that “ tourists have a responsibility to places they visit  economic wise or power wise “ . I  agree with what she says this does cause ethical problems with tourism because what people often fail to see is that where you go to vacation at that place is profiting from you by you spending your money there .  So therefore the economy  changes as the place gets more or less visitors . Less visitors more money to be made !  
Tourists visit all these lovely  places  and see all this fancy hotels and nice  places  to  eat at  these nice beaches and nice customer service , different cultures  , fun attractions and pure entertainment  but what they fail to see is the hard work  that goes into all of this ! what they fail to see is all the poverty outside of there fancy resorts , its a whole different scenery outside of there vacations you see ! It’s a lifestyle that people struggling to get by so they work for those who come to the resort .  To me honestly i think the power relationship between tourists and the places they come from has to be the clear understanding of the way of other’s lifestyle . They don’t know what others go through because they themselves haven’t been through it ! I honestly do not  see the relationship between tourism and  colonialism  , tourism is the practice of traveling for pleasure as to  colonialism is a policy .

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Richard Wright choose to Exile

In his essay "I Choose Exile," Richard Wright writes, "It was only in America where so much freedom is lacking that one hears long and impassioned arguments about freedom ...
"It is like listening to a starving man tells of his need for food."

  I honestly agree with what Wright is saying because you never do hear a group of Americans agreeing on a certain thing! There’s always debates and disagreements with anything that's has too do with everything here in the states! I think that every word he Say's in this little quote is so true, when do you talk about freedom in America without someone making it a heated (impassioned) disagreement? Although there is not no right and wrong to what one really thinks about "Freedom” it is true what Wright is saying; that in it all there is freedom lacking in the states simply because of one's mix feeling on this topic. 
To me I think America does lack certain freedom's & that would be the  the mix up of what everything means ; like what the government really means; what the freedom of speech laws really mean ; things of that natural . Let me explain a little more; one has freedom of speech correct but it's really censored correct?? You can’t go in the streets & curse a police officer off and expect to get away with it! Correct! There is freedom here in the states but it's a limited source. Yes i honestly thing people from different parts of the world have different ideas on what freedom means simply because of where they come from & how there part of the world understands the word FREEDOM . Alot of people share so much mix feeling on this word & Wright was one of them .