Sunday, October 3, 2010


Its funny because the first countries i felt the need of writing the research paper on had to be Puerto Rico simply because am from there ! But then it came to mind that i know everything from there because am from there , i wanna explore a different place ! A  place that i could learn a couple of things i dont know about before this paper . i decided to go with Haiti ! they always interested me because of there natural disturals and there way of life . i dont really know much about there relationship with the untied states but what  i do know is that Haiti tends to go through natural disturals and debts problems and the u.s always seems to pick up where they left off . maybe the relationship they share with the U.S could be the military system , there poverty problems. when i looked up my countries on Wikipedia i got all types of stuff . something i got in one of the entry's that i found somewhat important has to be there understanding of the economy problems that's going on . people from this country and its relationship to u.s has to be maybe there economic exchange and there government systems . I think the way people from this country and the U.S. come into contact with each other could be through cultural exchange , economic exchange & medical issues . When i looked at my Wikipedia entry of the country  i chose the only thing i could say that was good as to provide something worth using had to be there entry with the new York times , they talked about the pledge the U.S is doing  to help Haiti rebuild there place . i found that real interesting . one information that it had that i did not find important was there facts on Haitian diaspora , how Millions of Haitians live abroad. that's not something i really care about .

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  1. Hi Nicole - This is a great and complex topic to work with - I think the fact that so many Haitians live abroad might be important, though: what might it tell us?

    As with your last post, do try to use somewhat more formal language, and regular sentence structures in your post to make them easier for us to follow and respond to.